Discontinuation of SOAR Consent Form and Alternative Steps

Communities should discontinue the use of the SOAR Consent for Release of Information Form and use the alternative steps below.

Based on conversations with the Social Security Administration, we are discontinuing use of the SOAR Consent for Release of Information Form (SOAR Consent) as it is not compliant with SSA’s privacy guidelines. Communities who do not currently use this form as part of their SOAR Process will be unaffected by this change; however, the information below will still be helpful as you complete applications using the SOAR model.
The SOAR TA Center recommends the following steps in lieu of using the SOAR Consent:

Gathering Information on Previous or Pending Claims

If you used the SOAR Consent to request information on pending or previously filed SSI/SSDI applications, you can utilize the SSA-3288: Consent for Release of Information for this purpose.
  1. Download the SSA-3288 from the SSA website.
  2. Follow the instructions on the form, along with guidance provided in the SOARWorks article, “Prior or Pending Applications.”
  3. Be sure to specify on Question 8 the exact information you are looking for, such as, “information related to pending SSI/SSDI claims, claim level and file dates; information related to denied claims, claim level, denial dates and reasons for denial; SSI/SSDI allowances and eligibility dates.”
  4. Some communities are also submitting a SOAR cover sheet with the SSA-3288.  Here is an example from New Mexico (DOCX).

Setting the Protective Filing Date

Some communities may have used the SOAR Consent to set an applicant’s protective filing date (PFD). Instead, we recommend setting the PFD via one of the following methods:
  1. Initiate the Online Disability Benefit Application, which can establish the PFD for both SSI and SSDI.
     -- If you are not ready to submit the complete SSI/SSDI application, press “save and exit” when you reach the re-entry number screen and print out the re-entry number.
  2. Call SSA to establish a date for an in-person or telephone interview.

Obtaining Additional Information

Assisting the applicant to create a free “my Social Security” account is an effective way to obtain other information previously requested using the SOAR Consent such as:
  • Verifying an applicant’s date of birth
  • Checking on the status of an application or appeal
  • Getting a benefits verification letter
  • Reviewing contributions to Social Security and Medicare taxes
If you experience any issues as a result of this change and would like to speak further about it, please contact Jen Elder, National Policy and Partnerships Coordinator, at: