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Success with SOAR and IPS in Tennessee

Recently, we shared our findings from the CABHI: SOAR and IPS Integration Pilot, and today we’d like to highlight a success story from the Tennessee team:  


SOAR's Song

If SOAR was a musical genre, it would be R & B.


NDEAM: The Benefits of Collaboration

So much of the work we do at PRA focuses on disability, and within the SAMHSA SOAR Technical Assistance (TA) Center this work often focuses specifically on the link between disability and employment. The SOAR program aims to help people access benefits and achieve recovery so they can ultimately return to work. Another PRA project, The Analyzing Relationships between Disability, Rehabilitation and Work (ARDRAW) Small Grant Program, funds the research projects of graduate students who are analyzing the connection between disability and work.


Inclusion Drives Innovation: The CABHI: SOAR and IPS Integration Pilot

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) and we couldn’t think of a better time to highlight findings from our recent yearlong pilot that focused on increasing collaboration between SOAR and Individual Placement and Support (IPS) employment programs in 12 states who received the SAMHSA CABHI States-Enhancement grant.


SOAR Ohio Annual Meeting

This post originally appeard on the Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio's Updates page

By Amy Lamerson, SOAR Ohio Project Coordinator, SOAR State Lead, at the Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio.

One of the best parts of my role as the SOAR Ohio Project Coordinator is being able to get our entire team together for our yearly meeting, which provides SOAR Ohio Specialists opportunities for professional growth and development.


New Materials from the SOAR Expert Panel Work Group

The SOAR TA Center has just concluded the third year of the SOAR Expert Panel!  The Expert Panel is composed of representatives from the Social Security Administration (SSA), Disability Determination Services (DDS), SAMHSA , SOAR Local and State Team Leads, and subject matter experts in criminal justice, appeals, Veterans, children, and transition age youth!  One of the highlights of each year’s SOAR Expert Panel is the creation of work groups that address specific topics and work to create products that will help to enhance and educate the field.  This year the Developing Relationships wor


Using SOAR to Heal

By Donna Morgan, MPA, Family Safety & Homeless Services Program Manager at Bridgeway Center Inc. in Florida


SOAR TA Center Webinar Recap Part 2: The Six Key Principles of a Trauma-Informed Approach

SOAR Strategies for Implementation at Deborah’s Place in Chicago

Panelists Kim Davidson and Eleni Marsh with Deborah’s Place in Chicago, explained their experiences using a trauma-informed approach within their organization.  For instance, they share how being a trauma-informed agency means the SOAR provider doesn’t need to know in detail what the trauma was like for the individual.  They share how the Six Principles of a Trauma-Informed Approach have been integrated into their SOAR program. While listening to Kim and Eleni, ask yourself these questions:               


Leaving it at the Door

On May 2–4, 2017, I had the privilege of co-facilitating the Leadership Academy Training held in Portland, Maine.  As part of the facilitation on the first day, we model an exercise called “Leaving It at the Door.”  This exercise asks participants to think about their assumptions and/or fears regarding participating in the Leadership Academy and/or implementing SOAR in their own community.  We ask them to anonymously include any personal or work-related thoughts/distractions that may take their attention away from the training.



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