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It Never Gets Old

We have been collecting SOAR outcomes for 11 years now and as tedious as data collection can seem, it never gets old. Every application, every approval, every dollar saved, and cost reimbursed represents a life changed, a system improved, and a difference made.

I look at the spreadsheets, tables and numbers, and see the case manager at their desk opening the letter from SSA informing them that an applicant has been approved. I can hear the cow bells ringing, see the “SOAR approval dances,” and feel the joy of the mother of two unlocking the door to her family’s first apartment.


SOAR Spotlight: Kristin Lupfer

Name: Kristin Lupfer

Title: Project Director of the SAMHSA SOAR TA Center

Specialty area: Homelessness, mental health, employment, and mainstream benefits

Location: Asheville, North Carolina

How long have you been working for the SOAR TA Center?


Ending Homelessness to Create the Healthiest Nation in 2030

It’s National Public Health Week (April 3-9, 2017) and like our partners and providers around the country, we are helping to raise awareness of how homelessness impacts public health. This year’s annual theme, coordinated by the American Public Health Association, is “Healthiest Nation 2030.” This theme focuses on how we can work together to create the healthiest nation in one generation.


Highland Rivers Health’s Economic Support and Recovery Services Integrates SOAR and Supported Employment to Enhance Opportunities for Individuals in Recovery

Juliet IfeobuBy Juliet Ifeobu, M.S.W., Program Manager for Economic Support and Recovery Services (SOAR/ Supported Employment) at Highland Rivers Health in Hiram, Georgia


Social Workers Stand Up and SOAR

By Josh Kivlovitz, SOAR Intern, Healthy Community Collaborative, Austin Travis County Integral Care in Austin, Texas

When I first began my internship, I had no experience working with populations experiencing homelessness, and I certainly had no idea what SOAR was. Learning about the SOAR process was such an eye-opening experience for both the challenges that adults experiencing homelessness face and the tremendous intricacies of Social Security disability.


Achieving Positive Outcomes, Focusing on Recovery: The Supportive Services for Veteran Families Program at 7hills

Guest post by SAMHSA's Program to Achieve Wellness. This article was originally posted in SAMHSA's Program to Achieve Wellness' Winter 2017 Newsletter.


Finding a Path Out of Homelessness

Thie blog first appeared on December 8, 2016 on the SAMHSA blog.

By: Jayme S. Marshall, Chief, Homeless Programs Branch, Center for Mental Health Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration


SOAR and SSVF: Partnering to End Veteran Homelessness

With the deadline for the next round of Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) approaching on February 3rd, we want to highlight how important the integration of SOAR into SSVF programs has been in ending homelessness for Veterans with disabling conditions.



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