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OUTCOMES! Why I love outcomes...

I look forward every year to the time when we collect outcomes from states and communities on SOAR-assisted SSA disability applications. I realize that the data entry required to collect the outcomes can be a challenge, but these outcomes are vital to the success of SOAR both nationally and locally. Being able to report how an individual community is doing is frequently pivotal in securing support from other community providers and funding sources.

I remind myself that every approval is an individual with more possibilities for his or her future well-being. I love tallying all the outcomes nationwide and calculating states that have sustained their SOAR efforts over time and the top ten states. But what I really love to calculate are the “most improved” states over the past year. I cheer as I see the number of applications increase and/or their average days to decision decrease from the previous year. So, enter your outcomes! I can’t wait to see them!


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