Recently Asked Questions

For the SSI application under in-kind support, do you include SNAP benefits? If so, what would be a good estimate if amount is unknown? in Application Process
SNAP benefits are accounted for in question #57 on the SSA-8000 and, therefore, would not count as in-kind/cash support for Questions #37a-b.
If someone has a pending claim for SSDI under appeal with an attorney involved, should/can a SOAR application be submitted? in Appeals
SSA does not allow an applicant to have multiple applications pending at the same time. If the applicant chooses to have a new initial SOAR-assisted application for SSDI benefits submitted, then the applicant would need to withdraw their current application. It is important that the applicant...
Is military deployment considered living overseas on question SSA-8000 15(a)? in Application Process
No, military deployments do not count as residency abroad.
Are there any sources of income that are not counted towards your SSI claim (i.e., VA Disability, Child Support)? in Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
Yes, there are a number of unearned income (e.g. income derived from a source other than working) exclusions in the SSI program. There is a comprehensive list here, with links to more information about each source: . VA Disability payments are not...