Recently Asked Questions

If someone already receives SSI, is it possible that they might qualify for SSDI instead? Is it worth pursuing? in Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)
When an applicant files for SSI, they are automatically also considered for any SSDI benefits (or other associated benefits) for which they may be eligible at the time of application. If the applicant is not eligible at the time of application for SSDI, but is eligible for SSI, they may become...
Can a person establish a protective filing date online even if they are only applying for SSI and not SSDI? What if they have no work credits and can't apply for SSDI? in Application Process
Absolutely! Initiating the Online Disability Benefit Application sets the protective filing date for SSI as well as SSDI. Even without work credits, there are other ways an applicant may qualify for SSDI so we recommend applying for both programs. Further, completing the online application is an...
Do veterans pay into Social Security? in Veterans
Yes, members of the military do pay into the Social Security system and earn work credits during military service. SSA has a great publication about military service and work credits here: .
We recently had turnover in our SOAR specialist position. The new SOAR specialist is having new 1696 forms signed. How can we withdraw the old staff member as a representative? Can the agency request the withdrawal or does it come from the client? in SSA Application Forms
Please see for guidance. A "Withdrawal of Representation" letter must be sent to SSA and a new 1696 can be attached.