Recently Asked Questions

If someone asks for a copy of their Medical Summary Report, do you give them a copy ? in Medical Summary Report (MSR)
The short answer is "yes." If someone asks to see their Medical Summary Report, you can provide it to them in the same manner that your agency would release a copy of their medical records to them. However, there are some other factors to keep in mind. Since the MSR focuses on an applicant's...
What if a client has diagnoses of both personality disorder and depression? Do they apply under both categories? in Application Process
Absolutely - when applying for SSI/SSDI you should include all physical and mental health conditions/diagnoses. A person can be approved based on impairments from one or a combination of illnesses.
Do I need to submit a SSA-3369 Work History Report with an initial application? in Application Process
The SSA-3369 Work History report is only necessary if/when DDS reaches step 4 of the Sequential Evaluation. In this case, DDS will contact you to request it. You can read more about the SSA-3369 here: .
If someone already receives SSI, is it possible that they might qualify for SSDI instead? Is it worth pursuing? in Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)
When an applicant files for SSI, they are automatically also considered for any SSDI benefits (or other associated benefits) for which they may be eligible at the time of application. If the applicant is not eligible at the time of application for SSDI, but is eligible for SSI, they may become...