Recently Asked Questions

Is there a school records request form? in Children and Youth
There is no general form for requesting school records. To obtain school records, contact the specific School District to obtain their request form.
Is there an online training or webinar that focuses on SOAR applications for those who have already been denied and are in the appeal process? in Appeals
Yes, we have a number of resources on the SOAR website to help provide information and guidance through the appeals process. They can all be found here in the Library: I recommend starting with this article about Appeals:
I'm working with a client who has indicated that both her treating psychiatrist and her primary care doctor are willing to sign the MSR. Is there any advantage to having 2 signatures? Could this cause any issues? in Medical Summary Report (MSR)
It's great that she has two doctors willing to sign! Yes, we recommend including both signatures -- it sends a stronger message that they are both on board with the content. And it won't cause any issues.
How long is the certification from the SOAR online courses good for? is there an expiration date? in SOAR Online Course
From the perspective of the SAMHSA SOAR TA center, there is no expiration date. Since you have passed the SOAR Online Course and received a Certificate of Completion, you are “SOAR-trained.” While we do not require additional training or re-certification, we do recommend visiting our website...