Recently Asked Questions

What suggestions do you have for completing an MSR when a client refuses to provide personal historical information (such as about family, friends, experiences, etc) and it appears related to their disorder? in Medical Summary Report (MSR)
If a person is guarded when you are interviewing them for the MSR, you can explain to them the importance of you gathering this information and providing it to Social Security as part of the SSI/SSDI application process. If they still don't want to provide you information then you can document in...
What suggestion do you have when meeting a SOAR client during the Covid 19 pandemic? My agency along with many others are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic for face to face contact. in Application Process
Please see our suggestions from the field on our COVID-19 resources page:
When filling out SSA-8000 for a child application, does the case manager include family SNAP information for Q58 since the child would be listed in the household for SNAP benefits? in Children and Youth
In Q58 on the SSA 8000, SSA is trying to determine whether a SNAP application is needed. If the family is receiving SNAP benefits you would mark YES here. That way, SSA will know that a new application does not need to be completed.
Can one be on SSDI 63 years old and sign up for unemployment benefits without getting kicked off ssdi in Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)
Since SSDI is an insurance program, unearned income and resources (such as Unemployment Insurance) do not impact SSDI eligibility. You may be eligible to receive both Unemployment Insurance and SSDI at the same time. Unemployment Insurance has no impact on the SSDI benefit amount or eligibility.