Recently Asked Questions

If the applicant is working at or above Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA), is there a process that SSA can declare the applicant is disabled but on a non-pay status? in Disability Determination
No. SSA would find that the claimant is ineligible for disability benefits because they are able to work at or above SGA level. At Step 1 of the Sequential Evaluation, the applicant would be found ineligible for benefits which includes both cash and health insurance.
Please explain what is considered skilled and unskilled work. in Disability Determination
A SKILL is the knowledge of the principles and the processes of a job and the ability to apply them in practice in a proper and approved way. Examples of a skill are making precise measurements, reading blueprints, setting up and operating complex machinery. SSA will determine the claimant’s skill...
Where can you find information about Medical-Vocational Guidelines (Grids)? in Disability Determination
Here is the SSA link to the Medical Vocational guidelines, also called Grids:
What exactly is "equaling" a listing- does that just mean the claimant's specific condition is not listed under the body system but meets severity criteria? in Disability Determination
If the claimant does not have an impairment that is not described in the Listings, First, SSA will find the Listing (or Listings) that is closely analogous to the claimant’s impairment. SSA will then take the medical findings related to the claimant’s impairment and compare them to those in the...