Description of Project

Arizona’s first full-time SOAR program was housed by the Lodestar Day Resource Center beginning  October 2013. Since that time, over 80 individuals have received SSI/SSDI benefits in an average of less than 90 days. The LDRC’s SOAR program maintains a 79% overall success rate and has generated over $300,000 backpayments on initial applications. Given the success of the LDRC’s SOAR program, other agencies have funded full-time SOAR positions throughout Arizona. The LDRC has established local and state-wide best practices as full-time SOAR programs continue to expand across the state.

Expectations of Participation in SOAR

SOAR is a national evidence-based best-practice model designed to assist the completion of SSI/SSDI applications for individuals experiencing homelessness who have a mental health or co-occurring substance use disorder. Anyone can become SOAR trained to learn the model and educate themselves about the disability process. It is hoped that if case managers become SOAR-trained they are implementing it in direct practice settings on a need-to or full-time basis. Additional training and support is available for full-time SOAR case managers. Arizona SOAR looks like this:
  • Complete SOAR online course to become “SOAR certified” (it’s free)
  • Any case manager who completes the online course can attend local steering committee meetings (contact your local lead listed on contact tab for more info)
  • Case managers completing SOAR applications on a regular or full-time basis can attend refresher trainings for further support and Arizona-specific logistics or best practices (contact your local lead listed on contact tab for more info)
  • Supervisors, program leads, or stakeholders representing an agency can attend quarterly state SOAR committee meetings (contact Arizona state SOAR lead listed on contact tab for more info)
Questions, comments, or recommendations?  Please contact the Arizona state SOAR lead (contact information above).