North Carolina

North Carolina

Description of Project 
The North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness (NCCEH) currently contracts with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services to implement the SOAR program in North Carolina. Visit the NC SOAR Program website at Emily Carmody, Project Specialist with NCCEH, is the SOAR state lead for the project and can be reached at
You can find active SOAR-trained caseworkers across the state on NCCEH’s website. If there is not a SOAR caseworker listed in your county, please contact

NCCEH posts resources for caseworkers, information for communities, state outcomes, and other information for SOAR caseworkers and organizations on its website. NCCEH has also created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document to answer questions about SOAR in North Carolina.


The NC SOAR Process explanation and supporting documents are posted on a password-protected page of the NCCEH website. SOAR caseworkers will be able to gain access to these pages after attending a two-day Stepping Stones to Recovery Training. Please see the calendar of events on the NCCEH website to sign up for our next training.

SOAR Dialogue Groups:  Are you a trained SOAR caseworker in North Carolina?  If so, join the NC SOAR Dialogue Group!  You'll get new information on the SOAR process and SSA, and will be eligible to attend monthly conference calls with other SOAR trained caseworkers in North Carolina. For instructions on how to join, please visit our Dialogue Groups webpage.
Community Work Groups: As communities across North Carolina begin to implement strategic SOAR initiatives, many of them have started local SOAR Work Groups. These Work Groups meet regularly to address barriers to completing SOAR cases and linking homeless applicants to SSI/SSDI benefits. SOAR Work Groups can also work toward the NC SOAR Community Certification. To connect to your community’s SOAR Work Group or to see how to get one started, please email
Expectations of Participation in SOAR 


In order to submit SOAR applications in North Carolina, all providers must have completed the in-person two-day Stepping Stones to Recovery training. The training is provided by the North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness (NCCEH) and is based on SAMHSA’s Stepping Stones to Recovery training curriculum. Trainings are held on a quarterly basis around the state.


Please see the calendar of events on the NC Coalition to End Homelessness website to find and register for our next SOAR training. More information about training requirements specific to North Carolina’s SOAR program can be found on the NC Coalition to End Homelessness website. If you have questions about future trainings, please email


Please note that undertaking this in-person training is required even if an individual has successfully completed the on-line curriculum. The in-person training provides crucial state specific material, including forms and contact information, and gives details of policies and procedures that need to be followed when submitting SOAR claims. Prior to commencing the on-line curriculum, it is strongly recommended that individuals first contact Emily Carmody, NC SOAR State Lead for North Carolina at or 919-755-4393 to discuss training needs and expectations. To aid this process, PRA will forward the contact details of all providers based in North Carolina who register for the on-line curriculum to the North Carolina SOAR State TA team. A member of the TA team will contact providers to ensure they fully understand the training requirements.


NC SOAR Requirements:

The NC SOAR program serves individuals who are homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness. The SOAR process cannot be used for individuals who are currently stably housed. If you have questions about whether an applicant is eligible for SOAR, please email


NC SOAR caseworkers cannot take fees for their cases. SOAR applicants need to retain benefits in order to move into housing. Any SOAR caseworker who takes fees for SOAR cases will risk access to the SOAR process in North Carolina.  If you would like more information about how SOAR casework and dedicated SOAR caseworker positions are funded in the state, please email


All SOAR caseworkers are required to submit SOAR Outcome Reporting Tools to NCCEH once a decision has been made on a SOAR case. NC SOAR does not currently use the OAT system to report outcomes. SOAR Caseworkers can either complete the SOAR Outcome Reporting Tool through the NCCEH website or download the SOAR Outcome Reporting Tool and fax it to 1(888) 742-4393.