Description of Project 

SOAR (SSI/SSDI, Outreach, Access, and Recovery) is a national project designed to increase access to SSI/SSDI benefits for eligible children, youth, and adults who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness and have a serious mental illness and/or co-occurring substance use disorder. 

Please contact the State Team Lead,  listed above, for more information. 
Expectations of Participation in SOAR 

Agency and community expectations will vary depending on local resources.  However, any SOAR community is expected to implement a SOAR Lead at the minimum standard and community supports such as a steering committee as a highest standard.


Texas utilizes the SOAR Online Application Tracking (OAT) system to track the outcomes of SOAR-assisted SSI/SSDI applications. OAT can be accessed here: https://soartrack.prainc.com/index.php